April 21, 2004

Email is Application Integration

Jon Udell talks about ending email forgery (which would be a BIG step against spam):

In our July 18 feature, Canning Spam we mentioned an Internet draft proposal from Hadmut Danisch, called RMX (Reverse Mail eXchange). It was an elaboration of an earlier proposal by Paul Vixie, architect of BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain), who in turn attributes the idea to Jim Miller of JCM Consulting. The idea is elegantly simple. In addition to publishing the MX (Mail Exchange) DNS records that identify inbound mail hosts, an organization also publishes reverse MX records that identify outbound hosts. A receiving server queries the DNS to find out if the sending host is so authorized. The name yahoo.com is easy to forge, but the IP addresses of Yahoo's outbound servers are not.

My solution is better. The secret to integrating on-line is to enable ad-hoc integration of diverse sources over the Internet. This by-the-way will also end spam: email is just another application integration problem.

However, this will not solve Steven Den Beste's problem. His problem isn't spam. His problem is that he wants things both ways: He wants to publicize his email so that anyone can write to him - but only if he wants them to. In this life, you have to take the bad with the good.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at April 21, 2004 10:31 PM
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