July 15, 2004

Israeli CPI

By way of comparison, here are the components of the Israeli CPI, from the Bank of Israel. Unfortunately I can’t find the sub-components, and they don’t break out alcohol and tobacco consumption. But the health and education figures look normal, even though they are provided by the government.

01 Food (excluding fruit & vegetables) 13.48
02 Fruit & vegetables 3.51
03 Housing 23.16
04 Housing maintenance 9.75
05 Furniture & home equipment 4.75
06 Clothing & footwear 2.90
07 Education, culture & entertainment 12.93
08 Health 4.85
09 Transport & communications 20.26
10 Miscellaneous 4.41

UPDATE: Oops. I copied the health figure wrong; I fixed it (I had written 12.93 by mistake). So the health figure does look pretty low. I guess it doesn’t include government contributions – assuming it reflects consumer spending at all.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at July 15, 2004 09:19 PM
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Are your health and education systems completely (or nearly so) socialized? If so I can't explain the glaring difference between the numbers contained in the Israeli CPI and the Icelandic one.

Strange. Unless of course Icelandic and Israeli politicians are fixing their respective numbers to make themselves look good?

Posted by: Bjarni Ólafsson at July 15, 2004 10:56 PM Permalink

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