September 02, 2004

Clash of Worldviews

David Warren:

Baldoni's murderers sent a message to Italy and the West that his fellow pacifists seem incapable of understanding. It is that they don't make distinctions between infidels. They don't seek "fellow travellers" as the Communists did, when, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet state was massively funding, both openly and secretly, "peace" movements across Europe and America, as a way to subvert the Western democracies.

This is the mistake that was made in Spain: the popular willingness to believe that simply by getting out of Iraq, and staying out of Iraq, Spain could be freed of trouble. But the terror attacks on Madrid last March were, as we now know, planned long before the invasion of Iraq had even started, let alone before the Spanish government had thought of contributing a small contingent to help. The Spanish were assuming the Jihadis were thinking in a Western way: "You do this or we'll do that." But that is not how they think, at all.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at September 2, 2004 02:40 PM
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