September 04, 2004

Blogger Gathering

Just before I left on vacation I was discovered by Israeli blogger Alisa in Wonderland, ironically by way of Brazilian blogger Nelson Ascher. When I got back, I discovered, among 500 unread emails, an invitation to an Israeli English-language blogger gathering in Ra`anana (about an hour’s drive from here). I must say that I had mixed feelings about going. There were several reasons for that, first among them that I never considered blogging to be a social activity. I am by nature an introvert, I already have far more social connections than I am able to maintain, and I am not looking to increase their number. I got into blogging because there were things I wanted to express that are best expressed in writing. Of course, I have made quite a few cyber-social connections that I value – such is the way of the world. But I decided to go, in order to meet two people: Alisa in Wonderland, and Benjamin the anti-Chomskyite. Alas, Benjamin wasn’t able to make it, but I’m glad I went.

Having made the decision to go, I looked at the dozen-or-so blogs on the list of attendees. I hadn’t heard of any of them, except for Alisa in Wonderland whom I had just discovered. It was too much, they all ran together in my head. I drove down with a muddled image and a bunch of blog names in my head. At least, when introduced, I could say, “Oh you’re so-and-so!” with some modicum of honesty. When I got there, though, I found not a dozen bloggers, but around twice that number. Oh, well.

I did get to meet Alisa, and I discovered among the bloggers two people whom I already know: Rahel and Brian Blum. I didn’t know they blogged.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at September 4, 2004 11:58 PM
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David, it was great meeting you - I am so glad that you decided to come. And it is amazing that you met two people you knew in "real life" and did not know that they were blogging!

I had the same problem you did: I was not very familiar with most of the Anglo-Israeli blogs, and I am quite an introvert myself. I do not function well in large groups. I usually try to find a couple of people I can talk to, but I am not always succesfull. In this case, though, I was certain that there must be such people there, and I was right. I am glad I went.

Posted by: Alisa at September 5, 2004 08:33 AM Permalink

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