September 14, 2004

Truth vs Objectivity

I try to avoid linking to the really big bloggers. I figure people don’t need me for that. But this post by the Instapundit does a really good job of summing up why the blogosphere is better than the mainstream media.

But there’s one thing I want to add. The mainstream media seems to be obsessed with the idea of objectivity. Well, there’s no such thing as objectivity. None of us are looking down from another universe; we are all part of this world. We all bring to our reporting our own worldview, formed by the home environment in which we grew up, our circle of friends, office politics, the particular dynamics of our job, etc.

We see the results in the mainstream media. A far left “expert” is put on TV to represent Israeli opinion. Thousands of witnesses to John Kerry’s character are ignored, while a few pages of clearly forged documents against Bush are rushed to press. And always, “Israeli spokesman says XYZ and Palestinian spokesman says ABC”. That’s what they call objectivity.

The blogosphere is different. While most blogs make no effort to be “objective”, they are committed to a higher goal, one that though unobtainable, is something that actually can be approached by human beings: truth. Of course, none of us have “a monopoly on truth” – there is always the possibility that we are wrong. But there is one sure way to approach it, perhaps slowly, but none the less inexorably: DON’T LIE. It’s very simple. Don’t lie, don’t base your arguments on lies, don’t lie by omitting what you know to be true. Just tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as well as you can, and use THAT as the basis of your argument.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at September 14, 2004 08:14 AM
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