September 23, 2004

2 Soldiers die preventing suicide bombing

From the Jerusalem Post:

One of the witnesses to the attack, Gadi Ben-Ezri, 17, of Kochav Ya'acov, said he saw the soldiers talking to the woman, who turned out to be the bomber. After a blinding flash, he fell on the ground. Then he ran away with everyone else. But he turned around upon remembering his bag. It was then he saw the soldiers.

"It was just like in the movies. One was burning, the other was writhing slightly on the ground," he recalled, as he lay wrapped in a blanket at Hadassah-University Hospital, Mount Scopus, where he and many other witnesses were treated for shock.

"More than anything, I am thinking of the soldiers who died. Why was it them and not me? That is what hurts. The pictures of the soldier going up in flames and the other one lying on the ground are what keep flashing in front of my eyes.

But Michael Totten says we’ve won (via Instapundit):

Israel's triumph over the Palestinian attempt to unravel its society is the result of a systematic assault on terrorism that emerged only fitfully over the past four years. The fence, initially opposed by the army and the government, has thwarted terrorist infiltration in those areas where it has been completed. Border towns like Hadera and Afula, which had experienced some of the worst attacks, have been terror-free since the fence was completed in their areas. Targeted assassinations and constant military forays into Palestinian neighborhoods have decimated the terrorists' leadership, and roadblocks have intercepted hundreds of bombs, some concealed in ambulances, children's backpacks, and, most recently, a baby carriage. At every phase of Israel's counteroffensive, skeptics have worried that attempts to suppress terrorism would only encourage more of it.

He’s right, of course. Constant vigilance, good defense, and taking the war to enemy territory have brought the casualties down to a “tolerable” level.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at September 23, 2004 05:57 AM
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