July 03, 2005

The coming nuclear showdown with Iran

Kenneth Timmerman in the Jerusalem Post:

From my own reporting from Vienna, it is clear that the IAEA board lacks the political will to put Iran on the carpet for repeated violations of its safeguards commitments, despite repeated urging from US Ambassador Jackie Wolcott Sanders.

Instead, European delegates such as Germany's Friedrich Groning, have scolded Sanders for breaking the "Vienna rules" by pressing for a hard line on Iran, and have attempted to turn the closed-door meetings into a forum for insulting President George W. Bush.

On Monday, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder met with Bush in the Whie House, urging him to make new concessions to the mullahs - the European "response" to the election of Ahmadinejad. The West cannot bar Teheran from the peaceful use of nuclear energy, "even though some might not like that," Schroeder said.

Schroeder's logic goes something like this: The Islamic Republic has cheated repeatedly with the IAEA. We really wish they wouldn't do this, so every time they cheat, we get a little nicer. Now, with a new hard-line president, it's time to get really nice. Why not acknowledge the inevitable? Iran is going to get nuclear weapons, so we'd better get used to that idea if we want to achieve peace in our time.

The Bush administration has rightly rejected this logic. But the US also knows that it will not be able to count on Germany, Russia, China or former ally, France, should Iran's case go to the United Nations Security Council for sanctions.

We don't have very much time to get this right.

Israel has been fearful of this for decades. I hope that the proper authorities are on top of this.... I hope...

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