September 25, 2005

Israel is worse than any other civilized country?

Zman Biur has come out with the promised second installment of his series on road accidents in Israel. Did you know:

Israel ranks 6th. That is, only five countries had a lower fatality rate per capita. The United Kingdom placed 2nd, Japan 7th, Germany 13th, Canada 16th, France 18th, Italy 23rd, the United States a lowly 35th, and South Africa 44th between Russia and Malaysia.

In fact the U.S. fatality rate was more than double Israel's. The average person is twice as likely to be killed on the roads in the U.S.

Of course, that's only one way to measure traffic fatality rates. For more, plus lots of nifty charts and lucid explanation see Mr. Biur's post.

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