July 21, 2006

A special place in Hell

Although I do not believe in Hell, if there is any justice in the afterlife, there is a special place for those who force people to do evil things, because the alternative is worse. Amba expresses my feelings perfectly (via Callimachus):

A supporter of Israel cannot help but writhe in agony at the horrible spectacle of the suffering, death and displacement of Lebanese civilians, their neighborhoods and lives shattered by the wrath of Israeli warplanes hunting down Hezbollah terrorists who hide in their midst.

How do you deal a decisive, clean blow to a terrorist organization that uses its own neighbors as human shields? You don't. You either grant them an unacceptable kind of immunity, or you go after them, whatever it takes, and become a hated slaughterer yourself.

Nevertheless, for those who care for the truth (which doesn't include the vast majority of the Arab world), Israel is obviously trying to minimize Lebanese casualties as much as possible.

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Israel doesn't owe Lebanon shit.

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