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March 02, 2014

Sovevos bugs & suggestions

This is a post for listing any bugs you find or suggestions you have for Sovevos.

Thank you.

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You might notice that my blog has a new commenting system. Actually, it's more than a commenting system, it's a social network. At this point, a primitive social network, but I hope it's enough for you to imagine how it can be expanded to a full-fledged social-network experience.

Log in, and you will be able to friend other people who comment, chat with them, and see their updates in your news feed.

But it's more than just a social network for a blog. It's also a network of social networks:
  • You can use a login on one blog to log into another blog and comment.
  • You can make friends with people on many Sovevos-enabled blogs, and see all of their comments in your news feed.
  • You can chat with any friend who is logged in to any blog (not just those who are logged into the same blog).
For bloggers, installing Sovevos makes your blog into a social network. Comments and other activities are physically located on your blog, where you have control, not on a third-party provider. (Sovevos provides hosting services, but you can install the product on your own server if you want.)

The vision of Sovevos is to turn the blogosphere into a giant, distributed social network.

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I'm back!

I stopped posting in 2006 pretty much because I ran out of things to say. Since then, a lot of new thoughts have come to me, and I hope to post some of them here. But, there is a more specific reason why I'm coming back at this time. I hope to talk about it in my next post.

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